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Case Study: I just reseal myself...

Client Profile: An independent mining contractor & equipment operator servicing Regional Western Australia.

The Problem: Our client resealed a hydraulic cylinder themselves on site in an effort to reduce cost. But due to assembly difficulties and installation damage, the hydraulic cylinder failed after only two days. Faced with another onsite rebuild that presented many difficulties, they approached us to help.

Our Goal: To repair the hydraulic cylinder effectively and get the client back to work as quickly as possible.

The Solution: After inspecting the cylinder, Callcott & Downey found that there was minor scoring in the barrel and small dents on the rod that were overlooked when the hydraulic cylinder was re-assembled, causing the cylinder to leak. Instead of just replacing the seals, Callcott & Downey rebuilt the cylinder, honed the barrel and repaired the dents in the rod, returning the component to OEM specification.

The Result: The Hydraulic Cylinder was repaired promptly by our day and night shift personnel. After re-installing the cylinder, our client confirmed that the cylinder is working like new, and is predicted to enjoy a service life similar to that of a new component. Our client has since decided they prefer the support system, accountability and reliability of a dedicated hydraulic cylinder specialist, they can rest assured knowing that any future problems will be solved promptly. The best time to send it to Callcott & Downey is the first time, avoid the stress of carrying out repairs that can be too difficult and technical.

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