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Cat 6060 Excavator at iron ore site

Case Study: 6060 Boom Cylinder

The 6060 is no doubt one of the biggest excavators currently operating in WA’s Mining Industry. The boom hydraulic cylinders are 5.1 meters long and weigh in at over 4000kg, making them a challenging repair for any supplier. 

At Callcott & Downey, we not only have the capacity to repair these monstrous cylinders back to OEM standard, but also have the resources available to do it quickly. 

Recently, a client came to us in need of a fast turnaround on a highly damaged 6060 boom cylinder. We assessed the situation quickly and agreed to do our best to honour the clients deadline. 

Our team of highly experienced Fitters went straight to work, disassembling and testing the various cylinder components. A Supervisor quoted the cylinder for repair shortly afterwards. The rod was deeply scored, and the eye thread was cracked. It was recommended that we manufacture a new rod as part of the overhaul. 

Hardchrome with deep score
Deep scoring on the rod surface
Cracked rod end thread
Cracked rod end thread
Scored gland seal support landings
Badly scored gland seal support landings
Broken 6060 Boom Cylinder
Cylinder Overview

Within 24 hours, the client had accepted our quote and we had commenced work on the cylinder, firstly by sourcing materials for which to manufacture the new rod. The 6060 features a one piece rod and piston, with the resulting material needed to manufacture such a component coming in at approximately 420mm diameter and 6 tons in weight.  

Over the next two weeks, the cylinder components passed through various stages of our repair process. Around 4 tons of steel needed to be machined from the rod, which was in turn machined, stress relieved and final machined before passing into our hardchrome division. 

Within 18 days of the client accepting our quote, the cylinder was assembled, painted, tested and dispatched, meeting our customers requirements. That’s just 18 days to completely overhaul a 5.1 meter long, 4 ton cylinder including a fully stress relieved re-rod. 

At Callcott & Downey Engineering, we not only have the capacity to repair some of the biggest hydraulic cylinders in the industry, but we pride ourselves on our level of service and the rapport we build with our clients. 

If you need an emergency repair completed, or are struggling to find a supplier capable of handling large cylinders, give us a call and we’ll find a solution to your problem before others can return your call.   

Steel being machined
Cat 6060 Boom Cylinder on fitting bench

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