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Hardchrome Plating is a technique of bonding by electroplating a layer of “Industrial Hard Chrome” onto various surfaces, including steel, stainless steel and copper. Hardchrome is well known for it’s high wear, abrasion and oxidation resistance properties. This technique offers an extremely hard surface, with superior corrosion resistance applied at relatively low temperature.

We often use hardchrome to reclaim worn components that would otherwise be thrown away, or to enhance the properties of new components. At Callcotts, we don’t just hard chrome hydraulic components. We have built a great reputation for chroming a variety other components, including mixer pins, aircraft suspension rods, pump end plates, bearing and seal areas on pump shafts, and many, many others. 

We are one of the very few suppliers in WA with experience in both external and internal chroming, and have the capacity to chrome components up to six meters in length! All of our chroming is undertaken in house, so no outsourcing required. This makes our Hydraulic Cylinder Repair process particularly reliable as we do not have to depend on a third party. Our highly experienced engineers will ensure that your industrial chroming is done to the highest of standards. Contact us today to discuss your hardchrome plating needs and challenges.