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Service Exchange: Hitachi EX3600 Boom Cylinders

Hitachi EX3600 Boom Cylinder

We understand that for many clients, downtime is simply not an option, especially when it comes to large excavators. Callcott & Downey Engineering stock an extensive range of hydraulic cylinders in our service exchange program, mitigating against downtime and getting your machines back to work as quickly as possible. 

Our comprehensive service exchange arsenal now includes 3 x Hitachi EX3600 Boom cylinders, wrapped and ready to work. We are one of the few suppliers in WA with the capacity to return these monstrous cylinders back to OEM specification without outsourcing any of our process, keeping our quality standards high and consistent.  

Service exchange has the benefit that you don’t have to wait for your repair to be completed. Simply send us your broken cylinder, and take our refurbished one. We will then repair your old cylinder to OEM specification and only charge you for the cost of the repairs. 

Need a cylinder, quickly? Call us today and let us see if we have your cylinder in stock! 

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