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Case Study: Underground Mining Cylinders

Failing within 3 months...

The Problem: Underground drill rig cylinders becoming heavily corroded within 3 months of operation. The OEM cylinders were not able to withstand the hyper-saline environment in which they were to spend their life. 

The Goal: To work alongside the client and assist with the production of new cylinders which have better resistance to corrosion.  

The Solution: Callcott & Downey made suggestions on more suitable materials for the cylinders. Stainless steel was recommended for the barrel, and aluminum bronze for the gland, due to their anti-corrosive properties. Finally, we suggested upgrades to the seal kit, offering the best available seals to suit the conditions the cylinder would be working in. 

After client review and approval, we were able to manufacture two cylinders to the new specifications, producing complete improvements on the OEM product. We expect the upgrades to drastically increase cylinder service life, and thus an increase to the machines availability, reducing our clients costs and increasing productivity. 

Do you have underground mining equipment that you feel could last longer? DPU cylinders? Jack legs? Want to learn more? 

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