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Case Study: 1800T Plate Press Cylinder

2 x 23" ID Barrels Manufactured from SOLID material!
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6060 Boom Cylinder on fitting bench

Case Study: 6060 Boom Cylinder

6060 Boom Cylinder overhauled in just 18 days including a fully stress relieved re-rod!
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Modified Stinger Cylinder

Case Study: Underground Mining Cylinders

Callcott & Downey suggested material upgrades to produce cylinders with anti-corrosive properties.
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Cat 793 Hauling Coal

Failure Analysis: 793 Rear Suspension Cylinders

Learn how Callcott & Downey modified some 793 cylinders which were failing prematurely.
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Hitachi Hydraulic Cylinders

Need a Hitachi cylinder repaired? Learn why you should send it to Callcott's.
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R2900G Loader

Case Study: R2900 SuperLift Cylinders

Why you should upgrade to R2900 SuperLift cylinders!
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Pallets of hydraulic cylinders

Repair vs. Manufacture

Learn the advantages of hydraulic cylinder Repair vs Manufacture vs OEM New vs Service Exchange
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Caterpillar Loader

Time is Money!

Is time your most valuable asset? Need something done quickly? Learn how Callcott's can help!
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Drill Rig

This is Not a Drill!

Our capacity for drill rig hydraulic cylinders.
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Drill rigs

Have you been told it’s not available?

Callcott & Downey have access to materials not typically available in WA.
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Hydraulic Seals

Resealing your own Hydraulic Cylinders?

If you reseal hydraulic cylinders by yourself, you need to read this!
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SKS Drill Feed Cylinder

Case Study: 27 Metre Cylinder

Learn how Callcott & Downey successfully repaired a 27 metre hydraulic cylinder.
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Cat D10 hydraulic ram protective bellows

Case Study: After this my costs halved…

A simple way to provide additional protection to your hydraulic cylinders.
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Snapped Rod

Case Study: Failure Analysis Report

Hydraulic cylinder failure analysis proves defective cylinder should be covered by warranty.
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Case Study: Emergency Cylinder Repair

A broken cylinder back to work within 24 hours of shutdown.
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Case Study: Subsea Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder modifications to mitigate against salt corrosion.
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Sandvik Jumbo

Case Study: Underground Jumbos

Modifying cylinders to enjoy a long service life in an underground, high salinity environment.
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Broken Seal

Case Study: Pay for Quality

Why you should do it properly, the first time!
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Case Study: Sorry that’s not possible…

How Callcott's helped a client who had been told by their previous supplier that it was not possible.
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