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Hydraulic cylinder Honing

Case Study: Pay for Quality

Client Profile: Mining contractor servicing major mine sites in the Goldfields.

The Problem: The client took his cylinder to a cheap repairer who took a shortcut and didn’t hone the barrel. The cylinder started bypassing internally after just two weeks in service. The piston wear bands and seals were damaged by scoring in the bore which should have been honed out in the first repair. 

Our Goal: To repair the cylinder to an OEM standard and get the machine operational again.

The Solution: The client came to Callcott & Downey. The cylinder was assessed with our repair recommendations, including honing the barrel to OEM specification.

The Result: The cylinder has now been back in service for over six months and the customer is very happy. The initial decision to save money cost him considerably more in down time and change out costs. 

Broken hydraulic cylinder seal

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