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Hydraulic Cylinder Collage

Repair vs. Manufacture

Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions Explained

Here at Callcott & Downey Engineering, we are often faced with the decisions with cylinders – should we repair, purchase a new component, supply a service exchange unit or manufacture a new component? The truth is, without doing a thorough assessment of the component, it is very difficult to gauge the exact cost of a repair. Thankfully, our supervisors are very experienced in their field, and can provide our clients with a skilled and honest assessment before proceeding with more costly activities, saving our clients time and money. When trying to decide on the best option, price is always going to be a factor, but it shouldn’t be the entire rationale behind the decision. Other considerations should include – how quickly do you need the component? Do you want your component to last longer? Is this a regular failure? Our aim is always to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality components, for the most economical cost. So we have decided to outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of the repair vs. manufacture vs. service exchange options vs OEM new.  


In most cases, repair will be the best option for the customer, assuming it is economically viable to do so. At Callcott & Downey Engineering repairs are completed to OEM specification and when possible, even improved upon. We are always honest and will inform our customers at the earliest possible moment if a component is beyond economic repair, or if we feel there is a better option. We will than provide alternatives for the customer such as supply or a quote to manufacture. Our prices are always fair, and our work is exceptional.  


Callcott & Downey Engineering can manufacture all types of hydraulic cylinders, or their individual components, working from just a drawing or just a sample. This is a great option when the cost for repair for smaller cylinders exceeds the cost of manufacturing new. The added advantage to this is that we can use the opportunity to improve upon the OEM design, producing a superior cylinder that can provide a longer service life. We will work alongside you to continually improve the cylinder until it is the best it can be. Once we have the design, we can manufacture multiple cylinders so that you are never left without a spare, and your only downtime will be the amount of time it takes to remove and replace. Generally, it does take longer to manufacture a cylinder, but once we have made the first cylinder, it is easily repeatable.


Service exchange is a fantastic option if you need to get back to work fast. At Callcott & Downey Engineering, we stock a wide range of components for common applications which can be supplied at short notice. Simply take one of our SX units, and send us your faulty component in return. We will than repair your faulty component to OEM specification and charge only the cost of the repair.


In most cases, a repair will be more economical than a full replacement cylinder. In some cases, it may also be cheaper to buy from the OEM than for us to manufacture an equivalent cylinder. This is generally due to the OEM manufacturing certain cylinders in bulk and is usually only on smaller cylinders. However, when buying from the OEM, you will receive the same cylinder as your failed cylinder which will potentially wear out the same way and in the same time period. 


It is always wise to do your due diligence when sourcing components, but in the first instance, give us a call and our supervisors will advise you on your best solution. Consider how quickly you need the component, if this is a regular failure, if having a spare would be beneficial and finally the total cost not only upfront, but in the long term.

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