Here at Callcott & Downey, we pride ourselves on being Hydraulic Cylinder specialists. We don’t just repair cylinders…we can also manufacture them to your specification. Supply us with a sample or a drawing and you may be very pleasantly surprised as to the cost and efficiency of our Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacture service. 

The ability to have your hydraulic cylinders manufactured from scratch has several benefits:


We have spent over 40 years surrounded by Hydraulic Cylinders. We have a keen eye for good design, which unfortunately, is not displayed in all cylinders. Our experience puts us in the perfect position to upgrade cylinders to extend service life. If you are suffering from poor quality or recurring faults, be sure to give us a call to see how we can help! 


The cylinder you need is not always available off the shelf. We can manufacture cylinders to your dimensions while your equipment is still working. When it is finished, it can be delivered to site ready for your next shut-down.


We understand that sometimes, and particularly with small cylinders, it is less costly to produce a new cylinder than repair. We are happy to explore these options for you when you send your cylinder to us for inspection. We will work with you to produce a high quality cylinder!

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