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27 Metre Hydraulic Cylinder

Case Study: 27 Metre Hydraulic Cylinder

Project Scope:

At Callcott & Downey we are always looking to provide support to our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience with hydraulic cylinders has helped us to reach a position in which we can always find a solution to our client’s problems…no matter how difficult. In fact, we welcome the challenge!

A client contacted us with a problem – They had tried to get the manufacturer to repair their drill cylinders but they didn’t have the capacity and could only offer new replacement units. They had two drill-feed cylinders that needed repairs; one at 22 metres and the other at a whopping 27 metres. Previously, our longest cylinder repair was to a cylinder 18 metres in length so this was a substantial increase.

At Callcott & Downey we never say no, we will always find a solution. Shortly afterwards, the cylinders were delivered to our workshop for assessment. The cylinders had damaged rod threads, surface damage to the chrome, scored barrels and corroded seal grooves.

Our Solution:

We got to work on these monstrous cylinders firstly by making purpose built trolleys to manoeuvre them around our premises.

The cylinders were not too badly damaged but certainly needed some attention in all areas including the hardchrome plating.

We re-assembled, painted and tested to OEM specification before being packaged ready for dispatch back to the client. We’ve proven once again that our clients can always count on us.

Have a challenge for us? Give us a call and we will find a solution to your problem.

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