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Case Study: Emergency Cylinder Repair

Client Profile: A high profile crushing contractor’s crushing plant, servicing Western Australia’s civil & construction industries.

The Problem: Their plant was put into shutdown mode due to a damaged and leaking hydraulic cylinder, all at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon.

The Goal: To have the hydraulic cylinder returned and in full operation within 24 hours.

The Solution: The client called Callcott & Downey to explain the situation and to provide as much detail about the components as possible. Callcott’s then made preparations for it’s arrival, buying all necessary parts before the cylinder arrived. By 3pm Thursday the cylinder was in Callcott’s workshop. Their emergency team dismantled & assessed the damage, then decided on a course of action and carried out all repairs to ensure minimal downtime.

The Result: The cylinder was assembled, tested and delivered by Callcott & Downey by 3pm Friday, so the client was back in full operation within 24 hours.

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