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Have you been told it's not available?

Almost every day, we speak with clients who have been told that specialist materials are not available in Western Australia, or that components are too large to be repaired and must be replaced. In some cases, this may be true! But in most, Callcott & Downey can solve your problem.

Over the span of 90 years, we have built a huge portfolio of industry contacts, giving us access to materials and machinery that most other suppliers cannot source. This allows us to provide fast, viable solutions to our customers, potentially saving them lots of time and money.

For example, we can access a steady supply of:

HONED TUBE – Available in a bore size to suit your cylinder, also in various grades of steel and stainless steels. 

CHROME PLATED BAR – Available in a variety of lengths and diameters, not usually available locally.

We also have the ability to manufacture and repair hydraulic cylinders that most would dismiss as too big. Click HERE to read about the huge 27 metre hydraulic cylinder that recently passed through our workshop for repairs.

Here at Callcott & Downey we like to say “Yes”. We CAN access materials that others can’t. We CAN manufacture & repair oversized components, and most importantly, We CAN find a solution to your problem.

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