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Metso MP1000 Protective Bellows

Case Study: After this my costs halved...

If we can help you make your cylinders last twice as long, you're costs would have halved...correct?

Client Profile: An independent mining contractor & equipment operator servicing Regional Western Australia.

The Problem: The client had an ongoing issue with blade lift cylinders on their D10’s wearing out too quickly due to abrasion and impact damage, eventually causing oil leakage. The client approached Callcott & Downey to find a solution that would increase the service life of their cylinders.

Our Goal: To extend the service life of the client’s hydraulic cylinders to massively cut ongoing expenses

The Solution: Callcott and Downey took the component in question, and manufactured a unique bellows out of special material, in such a way that it would provide additional protection from the elements. It was designed to allow onsite fitters to install the bellows without the need to remove the cylinder.

The Result: Once the bellows were installed on the repaired cylinders, the client tested the results on site and found that with the bellows installed the cylinders would last twice as long before requiring maintenance, cutting their expenses in half. Since then, Callcott’s have provided a number of similar solutions for the client.

Cat D10 hydraulic ram protective bellows