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D10T Blade Lift Bellows

Hydraulic Cylinder Protection
D10T Blade Lift Bellows

When a cylinder is in an extended position, the rod is fully exposed and vulnerable to damage. The smallest bit of damage to the cylinder rod could be the source of a costly repair. The D10T Blade Lift cylinders are well known for suffering from chrome damage, as rocks can often fall over the top of the blade. Therefore, we sought out to find a way to reduce this vulnerability, extending the service life of the cylinder and reducing our customers’ costs.

  • Provide an additional layer of protection to your hydraulic cylinder with our Custom Bellows.
  • D10T Bellows are fitted with a built in zipper, allowing easy installation to the cylinder without having to remove it from the machine.
  • This is a stocked item. 
Cat D10T Bellows Flyer